Isolate multiple domains on cPanel account

cPanel isolate

To start, cPanel is most known for the ability to manage your domain settings in one place, but you can also host multiple domains on a single account, if it’s cost prohibitive enough to open a second account.  This presumes you have the ability to have additional Addon Domains with your hosting package. The ability to isolate your domains is key to maintaining the account security to keeps your apps not only secure from the public, but secure against other apps on the account as well.

CloudLinux and mod_hostinglimits replaces throttle with friendly errors


CloudLinux and mod_hostinglimits CloudLinux provides a wrapper called LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment), that is powered by the Apache module mod_hostinglimits.  This allows apache to read from the LVE configuration to determine the resource limits for a user dynamically.  What LVE does specifically is sets limits for maximum concurrent processes, maximum memory, maximum CPU speed, maximum …