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Isolate multiple domains on cPanel account

cPanel isolate

To start, cPanel is most known for the ability to manage your domain settings in one place, but you can also host multiple domains on a single account, if it’s cost prohibitive enough to open a second account.  This presumes you have the ability to have additional Addon Domains with your hosting package. The ability to isolate your domains is key to maintaining the account security to keeps your apps not only secure from the public, but secure against other apps on the account as well.

Spam training on cPanel with Apache SpamAssassin


Spam is one of the most common avenues of annoyance for the average user.  How do I block it?  What did I do wrong?  If you’re a cPanel user, then you’re in luck, because there’s way to set up intelligent (human) filtering, so the spam you receive will exponentially decline based on your effort. The …

Quota won’t change on cPanel server

cPanel isolate

The Problem You login to WebHost Manager, and change a customer’s package to upgrade their disk quota, and it appears to set, but does not save the new value for the account upon visiting List Accounts, and looking at the Quota column. In SSH, if you do the following as root, and you get no …