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Isolate multiple domains on cPanel account

cPanel isolate

To start, cPanel is most known for the ability to manage your domain settings in one place, but you can also host multiple domains on a single account, if it’s cost prohibitive enough to open a second account.  This presumes you have the ability to have additional Addon Domains with your hosting package. The ability to isolate your domains is key to maintaining the account security to keeps your apps not only secure from the public, but secure against other apps on the account as well.

Form Request Validation with Laravel Validator


Form Requests are a great tool in Laravel to cut down on development time and having to do messy finite state machine matching, regular expression replacements, and so forth.  This tutorial will teach you how to create and have a little fun with validating your forms. First, you’ll need to open up Terminal, PuTTy, or …

Magento installation errors with MariaDB


Magento is a mature e-commerce platform that provides powerful integration and is extremely customizable.  The software is designed to run on most LAMP stacks without a problem.  However, a lot of hosts will use MariaDB instead of MySQL due it’s increased performance and reliability.  If you’re reading this post, you may have seen an error …