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Quota won’t change on cPanel server

cPanel isolate

The Problem You login to WebHost Manager, and change a customer’s package to upgrade their disk quota, and it appears to set, but does not save the new value for the account upon visiting List Accounts, and looking at the Quota column. In SSH, if you do the following as root, and you get no …

Disk issues – No space left on device

disk drive

If your disk is full, and your website goes down, don’t panic!  There’s always a solution! The Problem My website works, but I can’t login/logout! I can’t send any emails! No space left on device If you’ve ever complained about that, it’s likely one of two things has happened, as described below. Disk is full …

Activate HTTPS on your website


Getting Started Nowadays, search engines expect you to have an SSL Certificate (a green lock beside the address bar) to promote user safety.  There are 4 ways to get SSL installed on your site, including: LetsEncrypt AutoSSL Buying an SSL Certificate Signing up for CloudFlare LetsEncrypt The great thing about LetsEncrypt is that it’s near-instant.  …