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How to recover read-only NTFS partition

The following is how to recover a read-only NTFS partition The Error mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/mnt/external/recovery_xxxxxxxx’: Read-only file system The Journey My journey today started with a stack of old SATA drives that had a bunch of data on it.  I needed to be sure I had gotten everything off of them, even if …

ElasticPress – Limit of total fields on index exceeded error


ElasticPress (WordPress Plugin) is a free plugin for WordPress which vastly enhances the search speed of WordPress site, as it integrates into ElasticSearch’s powerful indexing system.  The default settings for ElasticPress are pretty good, but you may run into some capacity issues with lots of posts or custom fields.

In this post, we’ll fix a common error which prevents posts from being indexed by ElasticSearch.

SSH Tunnel Service with Systemd


The purpose of this is to have a secure way back into the office or home or wherever you need to get to, and keep your NAT / firewall exceptions empty so you needn’t whitelist anything. You’ll need a small VPS with a public IP that can be secured, though you can use a Colo …