Firefox must-have extensions for power users

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Firefox is a great browser, and has it’s convenience for certain things.  By itself it’s pretty good, but far from private and efficient.  Here’s a list of extensions that will make you way more productive!

Firefox Extensions


This extension is useful to store an organized collection of text, so it’s easily accessible, and you don’t have to type it all over again.

Get Clippings


This extension goes well with Tree Style Tab (scroll down), and assigns a color to each tab based on the domain to help you keep your place when trying to find tabs.

Get ColorfulTabs – Requires Restart


This is a must-have for web designers and developers alike to quickly copy color selections to your clipboard.

Get colorPicker


Save tons of memory by blocking flash components by default, and click-to-play functionality with site whitelisting option.

Get FlashBlock – Requires Restart


The last password you’ll ever remember.  Compare to 1Password and Dashlane.  This extension requires a account, saves and generates encrypted passwords, and has mobile device support as well.  Strongly recommended!

Get LastPass ( – Requires Restart

Get LastPass (Mozilla) – Requires Restart

Nimbus Screen Capture

This extension lets you take all sorts of screenshots and selective captures of websites, and post them or save them as image files locally.

Get Nimbus Screen Capture

Tree Style Tab

This extension is by far the most helpful one i’ve ever installed.  Never lose your place, and say goodbye to scrolling horizontally through hundreds of tabs.

Get Tree Style Tab – Experimental, Requires Restart


This extension allows you to send API requests directly from a browser tab, and analyze responses, view JSON, and much more.  Must have for developers, comparable to Postman for Chrome.

Get REST Easy

uBlock Origin

This extension is a no-brainer, and should be installed by default (in my opinion).  Just remember to update the filter rules every once in a while, and say goodbye to ads forever!  Don’t forget to whitelist this site, I will never serve anything other than Adsense.

Get uBlock Origin


CLIGET is an extension of Firefox’s default download manager, which offers you the additional option of copying a command string to paste in SSH to wget, curl, and aria2 for downloading files as if the server was your browser.  It works by simply copying the request headers into the command-specific format.  Highly recommended for Server Administrators.

Get cliget


If you found this list useful, please share!  This is by no means a complete list, just a list I found useful for a less annoying browsing experience and performance boost.  If you know of a plugin that should be on this list, let me know!

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