Free Resources for Nonprofits

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The following is a list of free resources for nonprofits and charities.  If you have any suggestions for this list, feel free to comment.

Email Services

Email services which are offered free to nonprofits and charitable organizations!

Webmaster Resources

Free stuff for nonprofits and charity websites!

Payment Processing

Payment processing resources will allow your site to work with different merchant providers without storing card data on your server.

Donation Widgets

Donation widgets will allow you to place donation buttons and process payments for donations to your nonprofit or charity on your website.

As a Nonprofit or Charity, you can get access to some useful things to help organize your business and employees, and boost productivity, for FREE!

SaaS Product Discounts

There’s lots of Software as a Service providers that offer free service to nonprofits and charities!

Here’s some other helpful external links that should provide useful information and contacts to your charity or nonprofit organization.

Helpful Links

Below are some other helpful links if you’re a nonprofit looking for other resources.